Student Google Accounts

To: Third Grade Families
From: Mrs. Speer, Technology Teacher
Re: Expectations for Using Google Apps

In Technology class we have been learning about Digital Citizenship. An important part of using technology is being safe and responsible with that technology. Third grade students have begun using their school sponsored Google Apps accounts as well as writing and responding to others on Kidblog. We have talked about and viewed some short videos on staying safe online and writing appropriate comments.

I also want to make sure students and families understand what the district expects from technology users. In Technology class, we will be discussing the district Technology & Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Students will sign the form, then take it home for parents/guardians to read, sign and return the form to school.

Here are some highlights about the expectations for using the Google Apps accounts, which we have discussed in class:

  • These accounts are to be used for only school-related activities.
  • Students should NOT sign up for Google Plus.
  • Students should not give out personal information (name, address, birthday, etc.)
  • Students should keep their passwords private.
  • Consequences: If students do not follow the Acceptable Use Policy, they will have their account suspended for one month at the first incident, and possibly longer if the problem persists.
Please let me know if you have questions or would like more information.

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